Fresh Schedules provides managers with a few configuration settings. This section shows how to manage those settings.

Please note that the following information is only relevant to managers.

1. Viewing Settings

To view store settings, click your name in the top-right corner of Fresh Schedules. A dropdown will appear.

Click 'Store Settings' to visit the settings page.

2. Changing Settings

To edit settings, visit the settings page and click the blue 'Edit' button in the top-right corner.

Change the settings as you see fit, then click 'Save' to finalize your changes.

3. Require Swap Attempt Approval

When this setting is enabled, two-step verification will be required to swap a shift. It will require that a manager approves/denies a request before an employee's shift will become available for pickup.

When this setting is enabled, the Swaps page will have an additional tab labeled 'Pending Swap Attempts'.

4. Disable Wages

Disabling wages will remove the wages link from the left sidebar. To disable wages, set the 'Wages' setting to 'Disabled'.

5. Disable Requesting Off Completely

Managers have the option to disable requesting days off entirely. Set 'Requesting Off' to 'Disabled' to disable requesting off.

6. Disable Requesting Off for Specific Days

This setting can be used if you don't want to disable requesting off completely, but you'd like to prevent requesting off for certain days.

To add a day, go to the edit settings page, and click 'Add day'.